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Join Us In-Store & Online For These Must-Attend Events

Wedel's is well-known for superior garden and plant advice - our plant doctors are always in! We are also known for our fun, educational events.

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End of Jan. through beginning of March


Green Thumb Club Series

Our Green Thumb Club is a series of 14 classes and workshops every Saturday morning from the end of January through the beginning of March. Register online now or call us at 269-345-1195 to register over the phone. If you attend at least 6 classes, you’ll also receive a personalized certificate of completion and a $25 Wedel’s gift card!

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17 & 18


28th Annual Spring Expo

Join us at Wedel's for our 28th Annual Spring Garden and Flower Expo! Ready to be inspired? We have fully decorated the greenhouse in the theme of Route 77 in honor of our 77th year! Take a road trip with us through our created landscapes in our greenhouse and smell the beautiful blooms! Wander around the store and greenhouse to look at all the gorgeous sights for free, or sign up in advance to attend the professional led seminars and get a head start on your gardening and landscaping this year! Don't forget about all the amazing door prizes!

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